Why software developers might be obsolete by 2030

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted we’d be having 15-hour workweeks by the end of the century. But by the time it was 2013, it was clear the great economist had gotten something wrong. Welcome to the era of bullshit jobs, as anthropologist David Graeber coined it. Since the 1930s, whole new industries have sprung up, which don’t […] […]


How To Track Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Activities?

Advertisement “How can I track my girlfriend’s location?” Have you seen this query in search engines or are one of those searching for the same thing?  If yes, this article is a must read! Trust and loyalty are the roots of any relationship & if someone isn’t loyal to you anymore there’s no point of […] […]


Working From Home Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Being Watched

If you’re working from home, you may be out of the office, but that doesn’t always mean you’re unsupervised. Spy software is flying off the shelves, according to cyber security specialists, and a private investigator told NBC 7 he’s busier than ever keeping an eye on employees working from home. So, who’s behind it all? Well, it could be your… […]