SPY: How the Fed’s Pivot on Rate Hikes Will Impact the Stock Market | StockNews.com

Today’s Fed meeting was an important one as it marks the beginning of the tightening process. However, there’s still a long ways to go. Based on the Fed’s projections, rate hikes are not expected until 2023… of course, a lot can happen until then. In this week’s commentary, I will discuss our outlook for the S&P 500 (SPY) and whether it’s affected by the Fed’s pivot, plus how we are positioned for the market’s next move. Read on below to find out more… […]


How to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing?

Knowing location of the people we love gives us a sense of security. Thankfully, getting the information about someone’s location has been made really easy thanks to smartphones. You just need to ask your friends or relatives to share their live location with you.  However, that’s not always possible. What is possible, though, is to track […] […]


Next-generation BMW 7 Series interior captured in new spy photos

BMW remembers, and these new spy photos give us our first glimpse inside the company’s redesigned flagship 7 Series. This isn’t the first time the next-generation BMW 7 Series flagship luxury sedan has been spied, and in fact we’ve already seen its exterior in fairly thin camouflage. Despite what appears to be a fairly advanced stage of development, we’re not expecting to see the next 7 Series revealed publicly for a while yet because the current car was just refreshed for the 2020 model year. […]


China launches new crackdown on spy cameras – Illinois News Today

Beijing [China], June 15 (ANI): Chinese authorities have launched a new crackdown on spy cameras to strengthen the enforcement of digital protection and privacy laws. Remove spy camera tutorials, hidden camera videos, cheap and easily compromised cameras from the platform. With a joint announcement on Friday, China’s Cyberspace Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, … […]


China launches fresh crackdown on spy cameras in a bid to tighten digital privacy laws

Beijing [China], June 15 (ANI): In a bid to tighten enforcement of digital protection and privacy laws, Chinese authorities have launched a fresh crackdown on spy cameras, under which social and e-commerce platforms in China will face “severe” punishment if they fail to purge spy camera tutorials, hidden-camera videos and cheap, easily-compromised cameras from their platforms. […]


Hire a hacker | How to hack an iphone | The American Reporter

How to hire a hacker Visit www.globalhackingservice.com Send a message request to: info@globalhackingservice.com Include Phone number and other required details in the email Wait for their access link to initiate configuration. Use the Username and Password to access dashboard and GHS server Step 1. transfer files from the dashboard of Globalhackingservice.com on your device (iOS […] […]


Chinese intruder who has been arrested smuggled 1,300 Indian SIMs to China: Police | Sambad English

Kolkata: Agencies investigating Chinese national Han Junwe, arrested while illegally crossing into India, say he was a student of a Peoples Liberation Army-run university, where he studied English. Han, produced in Malda district court on Saturday after his arrest on the Sultanpur border on Thursday, was sent to police custody until June 18. Police now […] […]


Florida youth pastor charged with hiding camera in bathroom

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) — A Pensacola church youth pastor is arrested and charged after a surveillance camera was found hidden in one of the church’s bathrooms. David Patrick Nims, 37, is charged with one count of video voyeurism by a person 18 or older who is responsible for the welfare of a child younger than 16. It’s a 2nd degree felony. Nims serves as a youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Church on Pine Forest Road in Pensacola. […]


Are the Americans spying on Europeans? Yes, of course

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron demanded to know if the Americans are spying on European leaders in the context of reviving the transatlantic bond. The answer is yes, but Macron won’t get anything out of them. Strengthening ties can take many shapes, including caring too much about what your “partners” have to say to […] […]


Chinese cybercriminals have spent three years creating a new backdoor to spy on the government. – Texas News Today

The new backdoor used in ongoing cyber espionage is connected to threat actors in China. On Thursday, Checkpoint Research (CPR) said the backdoor had been designed, developed, tested, and deployed over the past three years to violate the Southeast Asian government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs system. The Windows-based malware infection chain began with spear phishing … […]


Did our spies conspire with the CIA in Allende overthrow

This appeared in Crikey yesterday. But the question is: did our spies help the CIA overthrow democratically elected Chilean president Salvador Allende to placate Nixon’s pathological hatred of any politician further left than himself? SOLDIERS SUPPORTING THE COUP LED BY GENERAL AUGUSTO PINOCHET TAKE COVER AS BOMBS ARE DROPPED ON THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE OF LA MONEDA ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1973 (AP PHOTO/ENRIQUE ARACENA) Bombs rained over Santiago, Chile, on September 11, 1973. That morning, after… […]