Which of these faces is real?

These people may look familiar. They may look like users you’ve seen on Facebook, Twitter or Tinder, or maybe people whose product reviews you’ve read on Amazon. They look stunningly real at first glance, but they do not exist. They were born from the mind of a computer. […]


Tesla could widen release of 'self-driving' software in two weeks

In October, Tesla released a beta, or test version, of what it calls a “Full Self Driving” software upgrade to an undisclosed number of “expert, careful” drivers. “Probably going to a wider beta in 2 weeks,” Musk said on Twitter, in a reply to a user asking if the software would be available in Minnesota. Musk had said earlier it was planned that the latest upgrade would be widely released by the end of this year, with the system becoming more robust as it collected more data. […]


Mossad: Another Day, Another Murder

NOTE: I just published a Middle East Eye piece on the limitations imposed on Biden’s Middle East policy by Israeli and Israel Lobby constraints.  I also did the following interviews on the presidential transition and […]


Florida nurse accused of placing hidden camera in restroom

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (AP) – A Florida nurse has been charged with video voyeurism after being accused of planting a hidden camera in a public restroom at the rehab clinic where he worked. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports Davidson Rozier, 33, was arrested Tuesday. The probe began in January, when another employee at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, discovered a small camera hidden inside a box of tissues on the back of a toilet in the rehab clinic’s unisex restroom, the arrest report said. Rozier was fired that same day after clinic managers reviewed the camera’s footage and saw Rozier’s face and badge as he placed the camera. His nursing license was suspended. Investigators reviewed the video footage and found images of at least one person who was unknowingly filmed while using the restroom, the report said. Court records did not list an attorney for Rozier. […]


The Impact of Toxicity on Retention and LTV.

Toxicity is eroding video game communities. Churn probability of first-time players can rise to 320% when exposed to harassment on their first session. In the following blog, I explain how you can protect your players and reap the benefits doing so. […]


EDITORIAL: Beijing is shooting itself in the foot – Taipei Times

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday announced that Shih Cheng-ping (施正屏), a retired National Taiwan Normal University professor, who Beijing says is a spy, had been sentenced to four years in prison for espionage crimes. The news followed last week’s announcement by Beijing that it is compiling a “wanted list” of pro-independence “Taiwan secessionists” that would be used to “punish” those blacklisted under its national security laws. Taken together, the announcements show that Beijing’s Taiwan policy under Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) is becoming increasingly erratic, uncoordinated and poorly thought out, which raises serious questions about Xi’s leadership ability. Shih went missing […]



What’s it rated? TV-MA When? 2019 Where’s it showing? Hulu If you’re familiar with Robert Ludlum’s spy novels or the Matt Damon films about Jason… […]


SPY: Investors: We Have Much to Be Thankful For! | StockNews.com

The stock market (SPY) continues to press higher even in the midst of a national escalation in Covid-19 cases. That is because the market is a forward looking mechanism that puts more weight into the benefit of upcoming vaccines instead of the 2nd wave taking place now. On top of that Steve Reitmeister will spell out his strategy to outperform in the weeks and months ahead. Read on for the full story… […]


Eliminating Violence Against Women | Avast – Security Boulevard

The United Nations has noted a worldwide increase in domestic violence since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic: 18% of women and girls aged 15 to 49 years who have ever been in a relationship experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner in the last 12 months. There’s also been a greater than 30% increase in domestic violence in France, Argentina, Cyprus, and Singapore, as well as upticks in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, according to UN Women. […]


GPS & telematics: monitoring the fleet

https://www.khl.com/construction-europe/gps-and-telematics-monitoring-the-fleet/147200.article11/25/2020 4:59 AM Keeping tabs on your construction equipment using real-time data can be cost saving and improve business operations


US agents 'used Danish network to spy on Dutch internet users' – DutchNews.nl

The US National Security Agency spied on internet in allied nations including the Netherlands from an island in Denmark, a Danish broadcaster has claimed. American agents were able to use a cable network set up in 2008 in conjunction with the Danish secret service Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE) to tap into internet traffic in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. A whistleblower within the Danish agency passed documents to Danish broadcaster DR after his attempts to raise the issue internally… […]

No Picture

My name is Bond, James Bond

“My Name’s Bond…” is the tagline from the world famous James Bond series of films, first released in “Dr. No” and then carried on in subsequent movies featuring the… […]


Austrian colonel 'spied on Nato for Russia' | Sports Grind Entertainment

Earlier this year, Martin Möller was convicted by a Salzburg court of betraying state secrets A retired Austrian colonel has been unmasked as one of Russia’s key informants about Nato, whose intelligence was likely to have been used to plan the Salisbury poisonings. Martin Möller, 72 – identified by a pan-European operation involving MI6 – […] […]