Israel Launches New Spy Satellite Into Space

Watch: Israel launched a new spy satellite Ofek 16 into orbit on Monday. The Israeli made electro-optical reconnaissance satellite “lets us watch the entire Middle East,” says  — and even a bit more than that,” said aerospace official Shlomi Sudari. […]


Deer killed by wolf provides food for boar, foxes, ravens and buzzards – DutchNews.nl

Scientists with the wolf research group Wolvenmeldpunt having managed to capture a wolf eating a dead deer on film, and the result, they say, shows the value of the predator in the food chain. This spring the researchers came across the body of a deer which, DNA testing showed, had been killed by a wolf. They decided to place a hidden camera at the scene to show what would happen next. Not only did the wolf return to the location… […]


Hidden Camera Reveals Servers and Bartenders Not Following Social Distancing Guidelines – 44News | Evansville, IN

The Vanderburgh County Health Department (VCHD) received approval from the County Council to hire two new Health and Safety Enforcement Officers. These new positions come as more and more patrons say restaurant staff aren’t playing by the rules. Upset customers have called in complaing about how servers wear their masks, what they touch, how they … […]