Two wrong turns and a river 10:37 PM I don’t think the point of going backpacking is for everything to go right.

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Data Center Rack Server Market on a Steady Growth Trail; Market Expertz Provides Projections in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic in its New Revised Report | 2020-2027 – Worlds Trend

A research report on the Data Center Rack Server market has been presented by Market Expertz, offering an extensive analysis of the Global Data Center Rack Server Market where the readers can benefit from the complete market study with all the relevant information about the market. This is the latest report covering the current COVID-19 […] […]


The real story of the spy who saved Israel

By Lenore Richman Roland Thirty-two years ago, I watched “The Impossible Spy,” a 90-minute film, released on HBO On Demand. It introduced to the Western world the real story of Eli Cohen, an Israeli hero, who had become a legend in the Mideast. An extraordinary Israeli spy from 1961-1965, he infiltrated the high command of Syria’s socialist Ba’ath… […]


KBS vacillates on spycam suspect

KBS released an official statement on Wednesday saying it felt great responsibility for a spycam incident involving a comedian who appears on TV show “Gag Concert.” He is suspected of having installed hidden cameras in the women’s restroom inside one of its buildings. The state-run broadcaster, however, did not apologize for the incident, emphasizing that the comedian was not officially a KBS emplo… […]


Bungling balaclava-clad crooks caught out by hidden camera

A TRIO of bungling burglars were caught on hidden CCTV excitedly chatting about stealing goods from a house while uncovering their faces for the camera. The pals can be seen casually talking among themselves about what to pinch after breaking into a 58-year-old man’s property on February 7. One of the dopey crooks is captured… View Article […]