Spying resources web site taken down right after United kingdom raids – GO Tech Daily

Picture copyright Imminent Approaches Graphic caption The Imminent Solutions web-site has been taken down A web page selling hacking instruments that permit attackers get in excess of victims’ desktops has been shut down after an international investigation. The UK’s Nationwide Criminal offense Agency (NCA) claimed 14,500 folks had purchased spying tools from the Imminent Solutions […] […]


AG to Find No Spying on Trump Campaign

From almost the moment he won the 2016 election, Trump has claimed to be the victim of a politically-motivated investigation by the FBI, including sending in undercover agents to infiltrate and spy on his campaign. He keeps promising that an upcoming Inspector General report will prove that to be true, but it […]


500 Indian Users Targeted by Government-Backed Cyber Attackers?

Google sent out over 12,000 warnings to users globally, including 500 in India, between July and September this year to sound them out against being targeted by ‘government-backed attackers’. The disclosure comes close on the heels of messaging giant WhatsApp stating that an Israeli spyware called Pegasus had been used to spy on journalists and human rights activists globally, including 121 people in India. […]


Parents Stunned When They Casually Opened-Up Home Spy Cam To Check Their Toddler But Finds Babysitter Ruthlessly Tossing Baby Like A Ball, While Dragging Him On Stairs  – The Inner Sane

Babysitter. One of the toughest jobs for a person to handle. From the little infants to teenagers, all require a type of babysitter at some stage of their life. They teach you good things and sometimes bad also. Sometimes they are remembered for their kindness and occasionally, well not for their service. Today we have […] […]


Employee Finds Hidden Camera Attached In Urinal To Record The Genitalia Of Individuals’; Sues HR Of The Company – The Inner Sane

Jason Savage, a client success coordinator at TriNet USA, is now suing the company. And you wouldn’t guess why. Reportedly, the 27-year-old found a hidden camera in the bathroom office. He then complained about the camera to his boss, David Swerdloff. However, Swerdloff removed the camera, arguing he threw it out. Savage worked at TriNet […] […]


Hidden Cam Above Bluetooth Pump Skimmer – Security Boulevard

Tiny hidden spy cameras are a common sight at ATMs that have been tampered with by crooks who specialize in retrofitting the machines with card skimmers. But until this past week I’d never heard of hidden cameras being used at gas pumps in tandem with Bluetooth-based card skimming devices. Apparently, I’m not alone. “I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a camera on a gas pump with a Bluetooth card skimmer,” said Detective Matt Jogodka of the Las Vegas Police Department, referring to the compromised fuel pump pictured below. Apparently, I’m not alone. “I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a camera on a gas pump with a Bluetooth card skimmer,” said Detective Matt Jogodka of the Las Vegas Police Department, referring to the compromised fuel pump pictured below. […]


Franklin County man hid camera in dressing rooms, bathroom

ST. LOUIS – Court documents say an eastern Missouri man placed a hidden camera in-store dressing rooms and a woman’s bathroom. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 34-year-old Gabriel Trevino was charged last week in federal court with the production of child pornography. During a brief hearing Friday, his attorney waived a hearing at which she could have opposed a government request to hold him in jail until trial. […]


Chinese Spy Details Operations at Hong Kong Universities | Inside Higher Ed

A Chinese spy who defected to Australia has provided a trove of information about Chinese government influence operations, including in relation to universities in Hong Kong, The Age, a Melbourne newspaper, reported. Wang “William” Liqiang said his organization “infiltrated into all [Hong Kong] universities, including student associations and other student groups and bodies.” He said he recruited students from mainland China students using scholarships, travel grants, alumni associations and an education foundation, appealing to students’ patriotism to fight back against Hong Kong independence activists. “We sent some students to join the student association and they pretended to support Hong Kong independence,” Wang is quoted as saying. “They found out information about those pro-independence activists … and made public all their personal data, their parents’ and family members’.” […]


The Dreadful Eight: GRU’s Unit 29155 and the 2015 Poisoning of Emilian Gebrev – bellingcat

In a previous investigation, Bellingcat and its investigative partner The Insider reported on the presence of a senior GRU officer, Denis Sergeev aka “Sergey Fedotov”, in Bulgaria at the time when a Bulgarian arms manufacturer collapsed into a coma following what was identified as poisoning by an unknown neuroparalytic substance. At that same time, the… […]


IT security firms and non-profits unite to fight Stalkerware – TechCentral.ie

Several organisations that work against domestic violence have joined forces with IT security companies in a bid to launch a new global initiative, Coalition Against Stalkerware. Ten organisations including Avira, Electronic Frontier Foundation, European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence, G DATA Cyber Defense, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, National Network to End Domestic Violence, [&hellip […]


Serbia investigates video clip saying to show Russian spy paying off formal – GO Tech Daily

A video uploaded to YouTube by an nameless consumer that purportedly exhibits a Russian spy handing over a bag of funds to an unnamed Serbian formal is becoming investigated by authorities, the federal government in Belgrade has verified President Aleksandar Vučić summoned the Russian ambassador around the incident on Thursday. In the night, he was […] […]


Czech police, intelligence bust Russian spy network

Czech police and intelligence services said on Monday they had busted a Russian espionage network operating through its Prague embassy. It was allegedly set up to attack Czech and foreign targets through computer servers. “The network was completely destroyed and decimated,” Michal Koudelka, head… […]


Hidden camera found in UD restroom; suspect an ex-student

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) — The University of Dayton is trying to find six people who used a unisex restroom to aid in an investigation of a hidden camera. UD police say a camera was found in a unisex restroom on the second floor of Roesch Library the evening of Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. Police say they have identified a suspect, who was a UD student. He was barred from campus and has withdrawn from school. Police say they identified the suspect soon after the camera was placed. […]


Why Drones Matter So Much for China to Control Disputed Sea?

China is bolstering its lead in resource exploration and any conflicts in the South China Sea, a sea disputed by five other governments, by stepping up deployment of expendable, cost-effective drones, analysts believe. Last month the People’s Liberation Army exhibited an “electronic-warfare variant” of drones that had done just reconnaissance missions before, part of an effort to control information during any military movement,  American research organization Center for Strategic & International Studies said. In September, a drone network operated by the Chinese Ministry of Natural […]


Man charged after hidden camera found in bathroom of Charleston law office

Charleston police arrested a man they say hid a camera in the bathroom of a law office. Ian Conrad, 31, of Huntington is charged with attempted criminal invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor. On Monday, Charleston police detectives said employees found a digital recording device hidden under a bathroom vanity at the law offices of Farmer, Cline and Campbell located on Myrtle Road. […]


Akel calls for arrests over spy van – Cyprus Mail

President Nicos Anastasiades has asked to meet later this week with the leader of the main opposition party to discuss the issue of the ‘spy van’ operated by a company run by an ex Israeli intelligence officer. In a statement on Tuesday, the government spokesman said the meeting has been… […]


I-Team hidden camera investigation –buying a gun in one minute

CLEVELAND (WJW)- A FOX 8 I-Team hidden camera investigation takes you inside local gun shows. Mass shootings in Ohio and around the country have put a new spotlight on guns. So we went to local gun shows where you can pick out a gun, pay with cash and walk out the door with the weapon. No background checks are done if the person buying the gun is an Ohio resident and is purchasing the gun from a private seller, who also is an Ohio resident. All that is needed is cash and your Ohio driver’s license. […]


Spanish court says wanted Venezuelan spy still missing

An official says Spain’s National Court has confirmed that a former Venezuelan spymaster accused of attempting to “flood” the United States with drugs remains missing since an order for his arrest pending extradition was issued this month. The court official says the order for Maj. Gen. Hugo […]